American Consumer Credit founded 2004


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Consumer Services

The telephone is one of the leading ways that criminals defraud American consumers. The overwhelming majority of these telephone calls originate right here in the United States. Companies are required to follow both state and federal laws. Most States require companies that sell goods or services over the telephone to acquire a “Telephone Commercial Sellers License” which is attached to a Surety Bond through a participating insurance agency.


American Consumer Credit is able to research and investigate companies to determine who they are, what the company’s product or service is, as well as consumers satisfaction level regarding the delivery of their product or their services they offer.


One of the services we offer to consumers is to determine all the pertinent information about a company prior to your doing business with them and completing a sales transaction.


In the event a telephone sales violation has already occurred, whether the company is currently open, or has long since closed, we can assist with establishing that a company did in fact violate State or Federal Telemarketing Laws, verify they possessed the proper Telephone Commercial Sellers License, and determine if there are any other monetary reimbursements via state or bank seizure.


With the assistance of our Staff Attorney and the network or attorneys we work with across the nation our network, American Consumer Credit will research the violation that occurred by the company, verify there is a valid violation, prepare the necessary paperwork and submit it to the proper entities so that the consumer can be reimbursed of any monies paid to that company.